Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb. 2, 2010

Roland is noticeably worse the past few weeks. He's falling frequently and even fell off the bed one night. His rear end is failing him. I think it's a combination of the malnutrition and loss of muscle mass and strength from the megaesophagus and the old greyhound rear end. He's also having trouble with bowel control. He doesn't seem to know that he's about to have a bowel movement until it starts. Then he runs towards the door pooping along the way. He's even pooped in his sleep. Life in our household has really become a mess - blurping and pooping dog in the house who doesn't have good control of his body. I think we're in the last few weeks, but he's surprised us before by bouncing back - so we wait and hope that we know when the time is right.

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