Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet and Greet

Happened to be at a nearby PetSmart when the local GPA group was there. Always nice to visit with the greyhounds and their owners. This is not the first time that we have meet some of these folks. There were 2 large male greyhounds there - very sweet dogs.

Got home and the difference between the males we met and Roland was scary. Roland's getting so skinny. His shoulder blades are prominent and his hip bones stick up. He looks alot like a puppy that hasn't filled out. The last couple of days everything he has eaten has come back up and he acts like he's constantly hungry. How much longer can this go on? Other than being hungry, he rarely seems in pain or very distressed. So, we wait........

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

Photo is from the Greyhound Nationals in Lexington KY. Roland is the one with the blue blanket out in front and NO he was not given a head start. This photo was about 4 strides into the course.

Christmas is this week. As we put up our tree and hung a special greyhound ornament, we noted that this is probably the last Christmas that Roland will be with us. If he makes it until March, he will be 12 years old. This is not bad for a large male greyhound, even if the last couple of years have not been the best.

Roland's doing about the same, although he's really started to lose weight. He's down to 81 lbs - from his adult weight of 94-96 lbs. He's clearly lost muscle in his shoulders and rear end and his hip bones are starting to be prominent. He's having issues seemingly related to a reduced immune system. He's had ear infections in both ears and what looks like a yeast infection on his skin on his belly and between his back legs. He gets a special shampoo to control it. So, we are treating symptoms that make him uncomfortable, but we're not able to do much about the underlying condition. His rear is quite weak and he's fallen several times when his feet have slipped. He even has trouble riding in the car. He can't seem to keep his balance comfortably and has to lie down. Since his favorite part of the car ride is looking out the window, lying down is not fun.

This has been such a difficult road, but Roland's been such a trouper. Merry Christmas to all and best wishes to all canines and their families for the coming year!