Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 2010 Update

It's nearly the middle of Jan and we're still hanging in there. Roland's rear is getting weaker and it looks like he's lost weight. I'm toying with taking him to the vet tomorrow (we are off work for MLK Day) to weigh him. His blurping seems to be about the same and he hasn't had one of those terrible times for several weeks now. If he makes it to March 10th, he'll be 12 years old - a reasonable age for a large male greyhound. He really just sleeps most of the time now and he always was good at simply hanging out. He has little overall strength and has lost so much muscle mass. He sits like a puppy now - rocked back on his butt - and his whole rear end quivers when he sits. He's also gotten very short with our whippet.

He's on the same doses of his medications. Over the holidays, I fed him about 4 small meals a day - basically whenever he was up and around and looked hungry. He does eat well for the most part. Most of his life he's been a very picky eater, so I guess the disease is making him hungry.

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  1. are you feeding vertically? does he have MG or myositis causing his hind end weakness? are you a member of the canine megaesophagus yahoo group?